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"We were very happy with all the guides, drivers, transfers and hotels. All went smoothly and on time! The tour helped my wife get comfortable in Indonesia. We love Hindu and Buddhist cultures and the more laid back Muslims.

Sunrise at Borobudur was a spiritual moment. The Ramayana ballet was great. The Legong and Barong & Kris performances in Ubud were fantastic. Munduk Moding and the cooking lesson were a special treat. We just wish traffic wasn't so bad in the cities!

We will tell others about your tour company. Thank you for all your knowledge and help in planning this trip."

Dean Stover

"Thank you so very much for everthing! All three days of our touring were wonderful, especially when we spent the day in Pacut village.

Agung was very professional, knowledgeable and kind, and Surya's driving was excellent. We truly enjoyed our time with Agung and Surya and thank you so much for your help coordinating!"

Hava Manasse

"The entire trip went off so smoothly and we had the best 30 days for 30 years celebrating our anniversary in Bali and Komodo Island! Thank you so much for all your trip details, arrangements and suggestions. For us, it was like we were being lovingly taken care of for the entire month! The hotel accommodations were amazing, and our day trips and excursions were perfectly planned! Thanks again for all your assistance helping make this trip a reality for us! We truly appreciate everything you did!

The only negative for me was the traffic in Ubud. Gridlock and almost impossible to drive through the majority of the day. Thankfully, the guides know the streets and timing to avoid congestion.

I will use you again and refer you too!"

Diana J. Mahaney

"Bali was amazing! I will hold so many wonderful memories forever in my heart. From the trekking, cooking, hat and offering making, the beautiful children at the school, temples, waterfalls, purification ceremonies, music, dance, flora, fauna and my wonderful guide Made...a lifetime of memories.

Thank you for your expert guidance....from flight, accommodations and tours all went smoothly."

Lynne Callahan

"Thank you so much! Everything was great! We were so, so happy about Komaneka Tanggayuda and Tugu Lombok - these two hotels really stood out with us and made our honeymoon extra special. However, all the hotels were great.

The boat was the only thing we were kind of surprised about - you had to flush the toilet by pouring water into it and the toilet was in the shower. Lol. And I get it - boats are small! However, the guys on the boat seemed to work really hard and the food they made was some of the best we had! We were so glad we did the trip to Komodo.

Agung and Agus (Bali guides) were extremely helpful. We enjoyed seeing them throughout our trip.

We did a key locking ceremony at Bridges restaurant in Ubud which was cute and I would recommend to other honeymooners. Other restaurants we went to - La Lucciola for the sunset was awesome. We also ate at 3 Monkeys in Sanur which was delicious. Cascades did an excellent job and we got to see Balinese dancing there.

We had an amazing time. Thank you so much!"

Sherin McGovern

"Just wanted to drop a note that we were thrilled with our guide, driver, accommodations and itinerary. The whole experience was seamless from beginning to end, and we accomplished a vast amount in a very short time. Special kudos to our poor guide Made, who thoughtfully and passionately shared his love for Bali, throughout our barrage of questions.


Jim Brown

"The trip was amazing. We loved Komaneka Resort Monkey Forest Road. The hospitality was incredible as was our room. We had our own private courtyard and small pool and outdoor seating area and the bathroom was humongous. We also loved Tandjungsari. The food there was exceptional. I also felt like it seemed nicer than the surrounding hotels, especially the beach area. It was a good idea to stay in Ubud and Sanur to give us two different perspectives.

Mozaic was INCREDIBLE. Sari and I have eaten at many Michelin 3-star restaurants and this was better than many. We also went to Nusantara Locavore, which was very good as well. We also ate at Cafe Wayan right across from the hotel in Ubud, but we didn't like it very much. We loved the lunch at the village and we loved the lunch we made during the cooking lesson.

The village was our favorite part. It was amazing seeing the culture and how they live. We liked all the activities, but doing the sunrise at Borobudur the day before doing the sunrise volcano climb was too much. We should have separated them.

The guides and drivers were great. Everyone was very, very nice and accommodating. Thanks so much for everything you did for us!"

Brett M.

"The trip was WONDERFUL. The itinerary you put together was just perfect. We especially loved the day we spent in Agung and Made's village for the Mejaya-jaya ceremony, lunch and music. The entire village went out of their way to make us feel at home, and we were filled with gratitude.

Speaking of Agung and Made, they were the most gracious of hosts. Agung shared so much about Balinese culture and history, even the flora and fauna. We truly enjoyed their company.

Thank you!"

Jessi Cowart

"We had a marvelous time in Bali. Thank you so much for arranging a wonderful itinerary. Agung and Agus were the perfect guides. Komaneka Tanggayuda was the perfect start and the Matahari Resort was also perfect (Alison called it the Honeymoon resort).

Saying we enjoyed Amankila is an understatement. They upgraded us to their top suite with a private pool area! Not to mention the most enjoyable beach ever. It was a dream. All of the Amankila service and staff are top notch.

We took tons of pictures, even underwater on the snorkleing excursion. Now I just have to edit to create our trip album.

And, you were right about not driving in a rental car. Traffic is crazy.

Thanks again."

Lee Braem & Alison Brotman

"I wanted to send a quick note just to let you know that our visit to Bali was wonderful!!! Everything you arranged for us was fantastic and we appreciate your help so much! The guide and driver were friendly and highly informative --- sharing both knowledge of the island as well as welcoming us with stories from their own lives and families. Just fantastic!"

Joy Graveline

"I have never felt so sad leaving a place...I wished we could have stayed longer. Everything was perfect. My brother and I are sadly starting to go through our Agung withdrawals. He and Agus were amazing.

We loved every activity we did. But, going to visit their families in their banjar (village) was unreal. I have to say that day is one of the best I have had in awhile and it left an impressions on my brother, as well. Everone was so welcoming and kind. It was so beautiful there as well and so peaceful.

Thank you for putting everything together for us. It all fit together so well and went so smoothly. We truly loved the time we spent there and are so thankful to have met Agung and Agus. I don't think we could ever thank them enough and I hope they know that they have left an incredible impression. I have already started to ask my friend that I typically travel with if she would want Bali to be our next adventure."

Shannon Brown

"Our time in Bali was an absolute delight for both myself and my wife. Our guide Agung was knowledgeable, informative and very engaging - responding to all our requests.

Our driver was amazing considering the traffic conditions and driving challenges with the two lane roads and scooters - always on time from pickup at the cruise terminal to drop off at the airport.

The accommodations (Komaneka Tanggayuda) exceeded our expectations, the villa with plunge pool and memorable views over the valley and rainforest will not soon be forgotten. The resort was well maintained and responsive to all our requests. Room 115, because of its location, seemed to provide us with our own private infinity pool. Breakfast overlooking the mist rising from the valley floor as the sun was rising, and a private rooftop dinner with two musicians playing in the background was wonderful. And, to top things off, the one hour 'his and her' relaxing massage on our final morning before departure was a greatly appreciated bonus.

The itinerary was hectic but exceptional. The highlights were the purification ceremony and the private Mejaya-jaya ceremony which gave us a first hand appreciation for the culture/beliefs of the local people.

I could go on but I have run out of superlatives. We enjoyed Bali 30 years ago and enjoyed it even more this time. We look forward to our next trip to Bali, hopefully with the grandkids in the near future and will again rely on your knowledgeable advice and skillful arrangements.

Thanks for making this happen"

Tom and Alice Kazmierowski

"The entire Bali trip exceeded all expectations, which already were high. Moreover, it managed to pretty much satisfy the five of us - all of whom had wildly different wants and expectations.

I especially want to compliment Ngurah Oka, the guide you provided us. He was knowledgeable and very accommodating, to the point of inviting us into his house to see his daughter dance Legong after he learned of our interest in dance. Clearly, this sort of experience was what we were after, especially since the rest of our group had heard of my similar experiences in Bali years ago. It was the same in Pacut village - just a wonderful day, and nearly so learning to cook on another day - and we loved seeing the herons and egrets at Petulu.

You were also spot on in suggesting the Sankara Resort. What a tranquil, wonderful place, with perhaps the nicest staff I have ever encountered anywhere. On the other hand, I am sad to say that in recent months a "sports club" has been built next door, which is pretty noisy and steals from some of Sankara's charm.

Finally, thank you for arranging our seeing the Komodo Dragons. The boat was excellent as was Maus, our guide. The weather was pretty iffy and at first it looked like we would not be able to go, but eventually we sailed into fairly choppy seas, as we went to Rinca to view dragons, then ate and slept on the boat, and then sailed to Komodo. It was all pretty terrific, especially since the weather barely held, making us grateful for the captain's skill.

Not everything met our expectations: the Botanical Garden was not so botanically oriented and the trip to east Bali involved a lot of driving. But, frankly, we also got to experience a lot we did not expect to see. As you said, "you make plans and the gods will decide," and you and the gods did us proud. It was your expertise that made the whole trip work. I'd love to go back again.

Thanks again, for providing such a wonderful experience."

Richard Cowan

"Bali was a great experience for us and a wonderful honeymoon. All of the accommodations were fantastic. I think we liked Uma by COMO Ubud the best, though the pool villa in Nusa Dua was pretty awesome too.

As far as the experiences go, I thought snorkeling off of Menjangan Island was amazing. White water rafting was also super fun. We kind of felt sad about the elephant experience though we thought they were really awesome and one of the babies there actually grabbed onto me with its trunk at one point, so definitely a cool experience.

Spending a day in Pacut village was amazing. We loved that one a lot. It was one of the top experiences for sure. We really enjoyed playing music with all the men and loved helping make our traditional Balinese farming hats. We really felt welcomed.

Our guide Agus and our driver Kadek were awesome. Both are great ambassadors for Bali. On one of our transfers, they stopped off at a little field to let us check out all of the people flying kites. It was kind of an off the cuff thing, but it was really cool.

Thanks again for all of your help and well wishes. We had an amazing time!"

Jeff Mihovilovich

"Our trip was amazing!!! Thank you so much for all your help in coordinating. It was everything I hoped it would be and I saw and experienced all of the things I had hoped to experience on this once in a lifetime trip (however we've both said we HAVE to come back at some point in our lives). All of your details went off without a hitch, LOVED the accommodations and we were able to just enjoy every minute of the trip without any stress or concerns. I haven't had a vacation like that in years! It's even more wonderful when I look back on the pictures.

Additionally Made and Agus were such wonderful guides! So easy to talk with - really were open in sharing more about the Indonesian culture and opinions, welcomed us in Agus' village (which was one of our highlights). Couldn't have asked for a more wonderful set of guides.

Thank you again and I look forward to potentially another trip to Bali in my future! (and I'll be sharing with my friends)."

Susan Simkins

" We had an absolutely amazing time in Bali! Kristen and I both really appreciated the detail with which our trip was planned. We really enjoyed the culture, activities and relaxation!

My only piece of feedback was that during the first leg of the trip in Ubud we had next to zero time to relax at our resort because of traffic. At that moment we were both feeling like we were spending a lot of time in a car instead of at the fabulous resort you booked. Still, in retrospect, we did get to see a lot of the attractions in Ubud, and I don't know if there is any real solution to this problem.

Truly, it was an unforgettable trip. Our guide also provided a local element to the trip that I think sets this trip apart from others.

I have friends who will be traveling through Bali in the coming months, and I will certainly be recommending that they use your service.

Thanks so much!"

Nikos Lioutas

"Our trip was absolutely incredible and we wanted to thank you for planning everything so perfectly. The hotels were out of this world amazing. Agung was so lovely and we really enjoyed our time with him.
Here are some quick notes on the hotels:

Amankila - Villa was spectatular. Huge room, huge bathroom. Service was A+++ (likely the best we have ever experienced at a hotel). Food/chef was excellent.

Uma by COMO Ubud - Awesome room with private pool overlooking the rain forest! We liked that it was a short drive from the city center. Loved the staff.

Nihiwatu - So remote and beautiful! Property was stunning, villa was incredible. We had a private pool with ocean views - very romantic. We did the spa safari and stand up paddle boarding along the river, which were both a lot of fun and highly recommended. Great for people who love an adventure. Service was all around very good, expecially since they primarily hire local people from Sumba Island. You have to be a nature lover (which we totally are!) to enjoy this place - there were lizards, frogs and spiders everywhere:). It was a once in a lifetime experience for us and we're so glad you recommended it to us!

Thank you again for all of your help. Our trip was absolutely incredible and we owe it all to you! If any of our colleagues are thinking about Indonesia we are going to send them your way!"

Ana Sani

"Words cannot begin to express our thanks to you for the most wonderful trip! All the arrangements went smoothly, we wouldn't have changed a thing. The pace was perfect and the places you picked out for us were a great introduction to, and provided an insightful look into Balinese culture and their religion and how totally intertwined they are.

Made and Bagus were the best! We really enjoyed Made's insightful commentary. Having someone native really made the trip for us. And Bagus as the driver was invaluable. Observing the traffic there, with all the motor scooters coming from every direction, and the "informational" honking, I would have dove under the dashboard and never have come out. LOL! They were professional yet friendly and we thoroughly enjoyed them both.

The tastes, sounds, textures and details of the temples and artwork, the smells and all the beautiful sights made Bali a cacophony for the senses. Komaneka at Rasa Sayang was just beautiful and we totally enjoyed our stay there. And Tandjung Sari was a true gem.

We loved the food and even my husband who is sometimes not as adventurous as I, said he really liked the dishes he had. He got into preparing the food at the cooking lesson and really enjoyed the finished products. Being presented with the recipes was a treat and I look forward to trying to recreate some of the dishes at home for friends.

It was an absolutely amazing trip! Thank you again so much."

Cathy Harris

"It was the best honeymoon we could have ever asked for. Bali is such a special place. Ubud especially is a place trapped in time and so sacred. We bought a painting from one of the well-known art studios.

Agung (our guide) was one of the nicest men we've ever met. Meeting him, his village and his family was the highlight of the trip. Thanks so much for all your help. The itinerary was very well orchestrated."

Dan Gibney

"I just wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous time in Bali. I loved the guides, accommodations, sites, the people, oh and the shopping:). the flights were long but not as bad as I thought they would be. EVA Airlines was very nice.

Thanks again for all your help planning this wonderful trip!"

Margot Harrell

"We both want to thank you for your help. You ROCK!!! We had an amazing time in Bali. Everything went so well and beyond our expectations. Our guide Made was fantastic, a wonderful personality, very informative and a joy to be with for the week. We cannot say enough about him. He went well above and beyond what we expected and made the trip so enjoyable. We actually missed him on the days we didn't see him.

The itinerary that you put together was fantastic and worked out very well for us. Each day seemed to get better than the last. I think our favorite day was the ceremony with the village visit. The Balinese people are so warm and inviting. I think I will remember that more than anything. The customs that they continue to practice add to the attraction. We will tell everyone we know how wonderful this trip was and we will certainly tell them about your expertise and all the work you performed to make this a great trip.

We LOVED the Uma hotel in Ubud. The room and the grounds, along with the staff, were excellent. Thank you. I think we had one of the best rooms based on what the staff was saying. It felt very authentic and was in a great area. The Anantara Uluwatu was a beautiful hotel as well, but it just didn't seem to have the same level of interest on our part, plus there was as you said, not much else to do. The two days there were enough for us to relax at the end of the trip, so we were very happy with that.

Your name came up many times in our conversations over the past week. Thank you again for helping make such a wonderful experience for us, it certainly would not have been nearly as rewarding if we did not use your expertise in planning this trip. So again, Terima Kasih!!"

Darren & Donna Moscoe

"Grand Slam! Neither Judy nor I can think of a single thing we would change. The hotel in Jakarta was a perfect place to start. The trip to Borneo was fantastic. The company was a pleasure, the guide excellent. The guide was the most professional looking guide on the river...some of them looked a bit like pirates. He was very knowledgeable. I think we are both happy we stayed at the lodge. Although the adventure of sleeping in the houseboat might have been interesting, it was nice to come home to a/c and no bugs. The food at the lodge was fine.

Nihiwatu was....amazing. In fact, we both commented several times how we are not sure we will ever go anywhere else. Interestingly, it just wasn't the beauty and quality of the facility, but the entire vibe of the place...the welcoming feeling, the foundation, the quality of the butler...just all pretty amazing. Not sure you will be able to outdo yourself on this one.

You picked the perfect place to stay on Bali (Ubud Village Resort). We were able to enjoy the facility and quiet but venture out if we wanted to. The flights all went well.

Thanks for your great recommendations and if you ever want to refer anyone to us, please do not hesitate.

George & Judy Wolfe

"Thank you for a well planned trip. EVA Air was excellent with being on time and inflight service. I would fly them anytime.

I loved Puri Mas (in Lombok) - a perfect hotel in so many ways. The hotel staff was the nicest I have ever encountered. This was my favorite part of the trip. I wished we had another day or two to enjoy laying around the pool. I enjoyed the guide and driver, they were knowledgeable and kind. The trip to the Gili Islands was terrific - loved the snorkeling and got to see a turtle too.

I hope to get back to Indonesia at some point and I'll definitely contact you. Thank you again for a great trip."

Melinda Schroeder

"We had a great time in Central Java. The driver/guide we had in Yogyakarta was first class. He was extremely knowledgeable about Hinduism, Bhuddism, Christianity and Islam which made for some very interesting discussions whle we toured around Borobudur, Prambanan, etc.

Sunrise at Borobudur is THE ONLY sane, as well as awe-inspiring, way to visit the site. Too many people once the tour buses unload! After visiting Prambanan we returned that evening to watch a performance of the Ramayana at an outdoor stage, using the temple as a backdrop. Very nice effect.

The Phoenix Hotel was fabulous and the beds there were SOOO comfortable. Just a real treat to stay there.

Thanks again. Your planning and selection of on site personnel really made the trip worry free!"

Lee Hanold

"I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful trip full of unique experiences. We brought home mental trunks of treasured memories. I know your efforts contributed greatly to the success of our trip. I wanted to share some highlights.

Tandjung Sari was my favorite place of all and I am so grateful you booked us there. I also loved staying at Puri Lumbung Cottages in Munduk. I had a nice view from the balcony. One evening we were treated to a performance by the local children with gamelan music and Legong dancing. What a treat. Subak Tabola was also a special place for us. All the people there was extremely kind. We joined their local temple ceremony and were included for prayers in the temple, yoga and treated to talented dancers.

I was intrigued with Nadya's House (Puri Naga) as I am a mosaic artist. Her house was a creative inspiration. The Gaya ceramic factory, Ceramic Museum, gamelan factory, mask museum and wood carvers were all fascinating.

Our guide Ngurah was patient, kind, generous and very knowledgeable about history, customs and Hinduism. He took us to his family's house where his daughter danced for us. He explained about each building in their family compound. We always enjoyed his company. I would highly recommend him to anyone. We were so sad to leave him.

Please know that we thought of you every day and appreciated all you did to make this trip smooth and enjoyable. I hope I can return to Bali and you are still available to help me again next time.

Thanks for everything you did for us. We loved Bali!!!!"

Susie Steinbarth

"I am writing while gazing at the Indian Ocean one last relaxing afternoon on Bali before tomorrow's flight home. We can't thank you enough for your excellent assistance. I always admire people who are really good at their jobs, and you completely knocked it out of the park. Your lodging choices were terrific, and our heads are spinning from all that we saw and did while here. Our guide Agung and driver Agus were charming and helpful. Our past experience with this kind of travel is that the day is spent making decisions and figuring out logistics for each chosen activity. It was surprisingly relaxing to have a set itinerary and guide to do all those things for us. I would tell you our favorite experiences, but every day was amazing and it's hard to pick!

Bali is an enchanting place. We see why you keep coming back and hope to do the same. And we will happily encourage our friends to contact you if they are planning a trip. Again, many thanks! This was a wonderful adventure for the three of us."

Matt Singer

"We cannot thank you enough for your expert planning! What a fabulous trip! From the guides to the hotels to the amazing activiites - we had a blast. Hote Tugu might be our new favorite place on this planet. The hotel is GORGEOUS and the staff and whole experience was incredible!!! Ubud Village is also one of the most incredible places I have every stayed. Matahari was great, but we definitely stayed in the hotel walls - the area didn't feel as safe or amazing as Ubud or Canggu. Rafting, elephants, snorkeling and cooking class were amazing!! We seriously had the best time and can't thank you enough for making everything run so smoothly. Thank you again and we will recommend you to anyone who is ever going to Bali!!

Amy Rosoff & Jaime Davis

"I am so grateful for all your help. You arranged an amazing trip. I never could have done this on my own. We had a fabulous time. I can't recommend our (Bali) guide and driver, Made and Kadek, highly enough. They were both wonderful - helpful, informative and they treated us like royalty. The trip you arranged was more than we ever imagined. The village stay was a real high point. I understand Bali so much better now. Also, the herons returning to roost was magical. There wasn't any experience I would have missed. The only frustration was the consistently poor WiFi. A minor quibble for being in paradise.

I will never forget Sumatra. How incredible to touch wild orangutans - and a friendly black gibbon. My guide Effendi and my ranger Lilix were great. I recommend rafting down the Bohorok River. I had so much fun. Thanks again."

Susan Bishop

"We have just returned from a trip to Bali planned by Diane Embree that exceeded our wildest expectations. We asked her to give us a real taste of the culture and the people and she hit the bulls eye with our trip. Our guides gave us a deep understanding of their culture and beliefs and shared their home and family with us. The accommodations were unique and wonderful and the Balinese people were warm, open and welcoming. We saw many of the usual site but the thing that made this trip unforgettable was the incredible attention to detail and the opportunity to see a country through the eyes of someone who sees beyond the surface.

Diane and her staff in the country offer the opportunity to experience Bali in a way that is hard to match. If you want a trip planned to your needs and interests she's the one to call."

Larry & Mia Ballonoff

"Bali: I had a marvelous time. My guide, Ngurah, and driver Agus, were fabulous and so knowledgeable. I came away feeling like I had learned so much about Balinese life. One of the unexpected highlights of the trip was actually being forced to stop for a village festival - the parade went right down the street we were on. I loved the village stop, playing the gamelan. Apparently, it was a private concert for me, which made me feel very special! Other highlights included seeing so many macaques, and visiting the elementary school. The children were wonderful!

Lombok: This was perhaps my favorite place of all. I loved that there were so few tourists there, and I also loved visiting the weaving village. I have to give a huge thank you to the staff of Puri Mas for their help in contacting DHL several times when I was waiting for an important package to be delivered. They were extremely helpful, and words cannot express how much I appreciate all their assistance! I would happily stay at Puri Mas again, not just for the rooms, the food, the amazing views, but especially the staff, who talked to me daily and remembered what I had told them. The only downside of the trip was when I fell getting into the boat on the "natural aquarium" tour, but my guide Surya figured out quite quickly where I could get help for my badly skinned knee (a dive shop, for future reference).

Sumatra: Guide Agus was so knowledgeable as well - I learned so much about the Dutch (and short term French) colonization of Indonesia that I had not known, despite doing a lot of reading beforehand. One of the highlights here was definitely seeing orangutans in the wild, as well as Thompson's leaf monkeys. I also really enjoyed the time on Samosir Island. I felt like a celebrity on Sumatra - I guess they don't get many 5'11", redheaded Americans visiting - children everywhere were fascinated by me, and wanted their pictures taken with me!

I took over 5,000 photos, and have narrowed that down to about 350 or so, which are on my Margaret Buenneke Photography facebook page.

Thank you so much for everything you did in planning this amazing trip for me. I know I'll remember it as long as I live!"

Margaret Buenneke

"I want to tell you about the exceptional trip in Bali that you put together for us. Agung and Agus were just wonderful guides, drivers and people. We greatly enjoyed being with them and learning about Bali and life in Bali from them. The places we went to and the people we met and the experiences we had were just absolutely amazing. We rave about them to everyone we meet. Nadya was an experience that also was exceptional. Having 22 men serenade us was amazing. Making palm frond hats and alter offerings and having lunch at Agus' family home was unbelieveable. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I encounter who plans to go to Bali. Many thanks."

Eileen Baumgarten

"The trip was fabulous!!! Our guide and driver were both lovely and flexible. They provided local history. For me, one of the most meaningful experiences on a trip is one in which we get to spend time with local people and learn about their lives and culture. Our trip to the village was exceptional! The village manager, his family and others were gracious and extremely welcoming. The were kind, generous of themselves and always a smile. Our engagement with the local orchestra and dancing was so much fun and very memorable. The school visit was a bonus, but I would have like to have personally brought something to offer. The donation of the cow was our pleasure.

The day of sampling coffee/tea; hiking through the "scented" forests along with the fruit trees and vivid colored flowers; and cooking lesson was great. The bike ride took us through many villages off the beaten track which provided additional insight.

The traditional Balinese dance performance was far more entertaining than I expected. Ubud was a great central location. The hotel was lovely and the staff could not have been more delightful.

I was glad to visit Borobudur. I liked our guide. We also hit two Hindu temples before we departed for Bali. The hotel near Borobudur was fabulous! I was only sorry that we stayed one night.

Thanks for sharing your beloved Bali with us. It was a remarkable trip with lasting memories. Your expertise was greatly appreciated."

Nancy Lieberman

"For me, a highlight of the trip was our day in the village. They couldn't have been warmer or more solicitous. We had great fun making music with the guys, dancing with them, and then dancing for them. We also really enjoyed our bike ride.

If I had it to do over again, I'd have wanted to do a longer hike, maybe the sunrise at Mt. Batur. The lunch after the hike, where we helped to cook our lunch, was amazing. Locavore was quite special, especially the Bloody Mary sorbet than began the meal.

Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful experience."

April Benson

"Arrived in Bali after a delightful stay in Java. Borobudur was more than I could have imagined and the Javanese people were welcoming and warm. You have another jewel in Tis Lingga, our guide. In my experience, a guide can make or break a trip and she was remarkable! Incredibly knowledgeable, passionate about her country and lots of fun. Wished we had stayed longer. Thanks. The memories will last forever."

Christa Muth

"We had a great time in Indonesia. Everything was really fantastic. The resorts were particularly wonderful. We're really glad you encouraged us to go to Sulawesi over Komodo as it was truly fascinating. We loved the village experience. We were worried it might be too touristy and contrived but it was great. The lunch in the village was amazing.

The guides were mostly excellent, especially in Bali. The guide in Borneo was more of an escort as her English wasn't good and she was very young and shy and barely spoke. But given that we were there to see the Orangutans and she got us everywhere we needed to go, she was perfectly fine. As you had told us, the food on the boat was fantastic.

I took over 1,200 photos, if you can believe that. We really loved everything and wouldn't change a thing. Well, maybe we'd make wine more readily available and reasonable in Indonesia."

All-in-all, a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Barrie duBois

"Our trip was incredible and something we will never forget. Everything was planned perfectly thanks to you and all the guides in Indonesia. Bali was amazing, everyone was so welcoming and nice, the food was terrific also. We also tremendously enjoyed Tana Toraja, I have never seen landscapes like that in my life. Yogyakarta was also fascinating, and our tour guide there, Lingga, was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Our only complaint is that we should have stayed longer to see more!

We appreciate your help in arranging everything, it was so pleasant to not have to worry about finding our way around. Although it is a long trip over and back, what one experiences is life-changing and worth the airplane ride many times over.

Thank you again."

Amie Edmiston

"Carly and I had the best time. Such an amazing experience and everything ran so well, couldn't have asked for more.

Our guide, Made, was amazing. He made our trip very special, was so accommodating and really made us feel welcomed in Indonesia.

Again, such a great trip and thank you so much for all the planning. So glad we got to see so much of the island, truly felt like we got our money's worth and really had a great experience.

Can't wait to go back!

Nick Lagusis

"We had a great time in Bali. THANK YOU!! The hotels were amazing, especially Komaneka Tanggayuda and Kajane Mua, we really enjoyed the view and the pools! Tamansari was nice too, but not our favorite.

The tour guide, Gus, was really nice and informative. We enjoyed all of our excursions and wished we had more time to stay in Bali.

Thank you again for all your help, especially on such short notice! We truly appreciate it. We will be recommending our friends to contact you when they plan trips to Bali!"

Razan & Andy Lin

"Thank you so much for all of your wonderful ideas! We had an amazing vacation! Ed and I would not have changed a thing (except the dogs that charged at us, when we tried to take a walk from Amankila!).

We also wished that we could have added one more day to the trip to enjoy the hotel in Ubud. The villa there was amazing and I only hope I can go back one day.

Also the "renewal" of our vows was so special. The Priest and his wife were so cute, even when they drenched me with more water over my head because they felt I hadn't sprinkled enough! I was trying to save my hair for the pictures the guide was taking.

It really was a once in a lifetime experience and the itinerary you created for us was perfect! Your friend's house was spectacular!

Again, thank you for the trip of a lifetime!"

Michelle Glassman

"First of all, let me state that the getting there is challenging, but Korean Air is the most amazing airline I have ever been on; great food and LOTS of it, wine, blankets, pillows, good manners; I just cannot praise them enough.

The accommodations were absolutely lovely in both cities. The people were SO polite and well mannered. I am almost ashamed of the manners here! The food could not have been better - the variety and presentation were both familiar and typical of the area and we thoroughly enjoyed each and every meal.

We were VERY pleased with both guide and driver. They were very punctual and good natured and we felt very comfortable with them from the very first moment. We would HIGHLY recommend both Nick and Agus to anyone traveling to Bali. I actually got carsick one day and Nick was amazing.

The activities you planned for us were PERFECT! I cannot think of one single thing that we did not thoroughly enjoy!

We will definitely contact you for future trips and thank you so much for your organizational skills; all the printouts you sent were well organized and we took to heart all your advice. Thanks again for an EXCELLENT FAMILY ADVENTURE."

Suzy & Clyde Robinson

"We had an absolutely AMAZING trip! We were absolutely blown away by the fantastic accommodations, the great service on Korean Air, and our wonderful guide Nick and driver Agus. Bali was beautiful, and I'm so glad that we worked with you to plan our trip. I'm certain that we would not have had nearly the same experience without your expert planning. We've already said that we'll be contacting you for travel recommendations in the future for sure! Let me know if you ever need a recommendation or review, as I'm happy to provide a more detailed account of our excellent adventure. Thanks again for everything."

Alexandra Holland

"Thank you for checking in with us once again. You give great meaning to attentive customer service. There is a reason you have been recommended so highly.

Oka is marvelous as a guide - as a person - as just the man to show us some of Bali and inform us of the culture traditions - landscape - all of it. So attentive, considerate kind - funny too. We enjoyed being with him. We will use his services again on our next trip. Oka goes above and beyond and it is so appreciated.

You chose a great place for us to stay at Taman Sari - I would go back in a heart beat. In general - I must go back and stay at each place for a month - I could retire in Bali I loved it so much.

Until next time - in gratitude.

Mary and Rokelle

"The trip was great, all of the accommodations were wonderful and Oka, our guide, was great. We loved the villa at Kayumanis and Uma was nice, but Hotel Tugu and Canggu were probably the highlights of our trip. Overall we loved Bali, but if we could control it we probably would try to avoid the high season, but it was still a fantastic trip despite the crowds which we really only felt while we were in Ubud."

Branson Smith

"Indonesia was absolutely perfect and the arrangements could not have been coordinated more perfectly. Jenna and I wanted to thank you for everything and being so patient with us in order to figure out the best itinerary. The guide and driver were fantastic, everyone was always on time; they really made everything easy for us which was great. Lombok was incredible! Thank you for the recommendation, it was perfect and exactly what we were looking for. The trip as a whole had a great mix of relaxation and advenutre. Honestly if we did the trip again there was not much we would change. I think the only thing that could be skipped would be Karangasem Palace.

Thank you again for all your help. When we go back to Bali (and Jenna and I both think we would love to go back) we will certainly be in touch again."

Scott Arnone

"We had a fabulous time in Bali. Made was an EXCELLENT tour guide. His English was very strong. He was extremely knowledgeable about the history, culture, politics, economy, etc. of Bali/Indonesia. We sincerely enjoyed spending time with him and learned a lot about the island of Bali and country of Indonesia from him (plus he had a great sense of humor). I think our itinerary was exactly what we were looking for. I'd probably say that the purification ceremony and Balinese healer were the most unique experiences. Hiking Mt. Batur was the most exciting experience (and the sunrise views from the top were AMAZING). Kari could have done without the monkey forest but I enjoyed it! I think each Hindu temple was more elegant and complex than the next. They were all fun to see and learn about.

Komaneka at Bisma was the perfect hotel, just enough walking distance away from the madness of the Ubud main street. Our villa was spacious and very clean and the setting was surreal. The food at the hotel was very good and the staff was SOOO nice. They were such a delight to interact with. It was one of the best hotel experiences I've had in a long time. Thanks a ton for finding it and recommending it to us!

You were such a huge help in planning our honeymoon. Thanks for your guidance and bestowing your expertise on us to help plan the perfect trip. I don't think there is a thing we could have changed. Rest assured next time we or any of our friends/family are planning a trip to an area the you focus on, we will definitely be in touch!


Tim Hodes

"My first story is about the Baliem Valley (West Papua). A most interesting place and not very touristy yet. The Baliem Valley resort has a fantastic view of the valley. They have around 15 cottage units but there were only us and another couple. The problem is that they are in bad repair. A notice in the room pointed out that things were not up to western standards. We talked to the manager and he admitted that maintenance was needed and plans were in the works to replace the wooden walks with concrete. They were also working on some roofs while we were there. We were very happy with our guide - an older man who knew his way around the valley. The other couple at the lodge used the lodge's guide and did not seem totally happy with the results. Our guide always had many alternatives to suggest if some particular program seemed not to our liking - we did not, for example, want to hike up the mountain to see the scheduled salt spring. But our guide knew of another salt spring which was easier to reach. He also took us to villages off the "tourist path." The food at the lodge was very good. My suggestion is to stay in Wamena and maybe go to the lodge once for lunch and to see the view. The airport in Wamena burned down sometime ago and is now housed in a large "chicken coop" - anyway just rafters, tin roof and chicken wire walls!

We enjoyed Borneo very much. We were glad to spend the nights at Rimba Lodge since there could be a mosquito problem on the boat. We did get to see lots of monkeys and orangutans, but only one gibbon. Yes, the Semi Dayak village was not as primitive as the villages in West Papua, but it was primitive enough!

The Phoenix Hotel in Yogyakarta had the most fabulous breakfast of all the places we stayed. The Buddhist temples (especially Borobudur) were quite impressive.

Sulawesi was most interesting. The drive to Torajaland was long, but through scenic countyside. We did get to see all the typical houses and rice barns and all sorts of hanging graves, tree graves and effigies. We were fortunate to be there on the day of the big buffalo-pig-chicken market and we were also lucky enough to get to go to day two of a funeral.

To continue the story, we enjoyed seeing the Komodo dragons on both Rinca and Komodo islands. The boat we stayed on was a somewhat minature version of the klotok boat in Borneo, with a tiny hot sleeping room. But, the food was very good and no mosquitos. The hotel on Flores was very nice.

We also enjoyed Bali, even though it is a bit more tourist oriented. Ubud was convenient for doing the various tours and it was an easy walk to the Monkey Forest from Cendana (a great hotel). We did like the Neka Museum and got to talk to Mr. Neka himself. We did like the kecak dance and the other temples and palaces about the island. The trip to the small village (with making of hats, offerings and playing in the gamelan band) was great fun and a real treat. We also enjoyed watching the planting and plowing of the rice paddies. Once again, the lunch there was very good.

We met some people in Papua who were interested in how we arranged our trip, so I gave them your name and contact information. You may hear from them.

So we give you an A grade on the arrangements you made for us. The problem is where do we go next!"

Marvin Mielke

"The trip to Indonesia that Diane Embree created for us was flawless. She listened with great care to our interests, got information about our budget, and answered all our questions. The trip reflected exactly what we wanted. Diane is a superb communicator, and most importantly of all, she knows - really knows - Indonesia. We wanted a mix of the known (Bali) and the less-well-known (Sulawesi's Toraja Land) as well as requesting a stop in Java so we could visit Borobudur.

We began in Java and in addition to seeing the great Buddhist monument, we had a wonderful horse cart ride on small roads through the countryside where we saw people harvesting crops and making tofu. These wonderful off-the-beaten track experiences were also luxurious because of our decision to splurge on a three night stay at the beautifully-managed and goregous Amanjiwo.

We then flew to Sulawesi and had a most amazing trip into Toraja Land. I can't emphasize enough how much I recommend a trip to see the stunning countryside and the amazing culture of the Torajan people, whose economy and rituals are built around beliefs about the dead. The guides Diane arranged were excellent, taking us to different villages with their ancient architecture, to grave sites in cliffs, boulders and trees, and to one of the great Toraja funerals at which hundreds of people had gathered. We were treated graciously as guests.

We went, finally to Bali. The experience in and around Ubud, with our excellent guide and driver, were exceptional. We saw the major temples, two of the traditional Balinese dances (both of which were amazing) and visited the village of our driver, Agus. This last excursion was a unique and moving experience and I strongly recommend it to anyone who goes to Bali. We like birds and loved visiting the Bali Bird Park. We love art and had a fascinating visit to the Neka Museum as well as a very special visit to the home of a gifted designer, Nadya, who in addition to her own creativity in designing clothes and building her home, has a world-class collection of Indonesian art. Our Ubud hotel, Komaneka at Bisma, was lovely.

The snorkeling on the northern coast at Pemuteran was incredible, the beauty of the fish other-worldly. Matahari Hotel in Pemuteran was wonderful.

In sum, one of the best trips of our lives and largely so, in my opinion, because of the expertise of Diane."

Jane Ellis

"Dani and I talked last night, after getting your email, to try to think of some constructive criticism to give you, but we couldn't think of any. The hotels were all beautiful, great rooms and fantastic staff. The guide and the driver were both great. We really enjoyed the tours and activities we did. If anything, the Tegalalang rice terrace trek was a little touristy, but we did get some really nice pictures out of it.

I think our favorite resort was Matahari. Truly breathtaking property. Well, they all were, really. The service at Tugu was amazing. They would hand-write notes to us with each meal. Really a nice touch.

All the arrangements went smoothly and without any hiccups. We must have repeated to ourselves "we're so glad we used Diane," at least a dozen times. Thanks again, and we'll surely be referring friends to you for their Bali travel."

Jon Feldman & Dani Warner

"The trip was absolutely fabulous. Artayasa was a stupendous guide, and really brought the trip to a whole different level. He totally got us. Seemed to sense when we wanted more and when we wanted less of a particular thing. He was also a wealth of information. He was able to talk to us in depth about anything we asked him.

The highlight of our trip was, hands down, the trip to the village. Both of us are so glad we included that in our itinerary. It was truly a magical day, and made such an impact on us. We hope to be able to return one day with our kids because we would really like them to see the inside of that village. Other highlights of my trip were the wedding (Mejaya-jaya) ceremony and the healer - two things that I really wasn't so sure about doing before we did them.

Your selection of resorts was impeccable. They completed the magical experience of the trip. And the 110 steps we had to take to get in or out of our villa in Uma ensured that we could eat as much as we wanted to and know that we would work off the calories.

I was partcularly concerned before the trip about food options. I am an extremely picky eater and tend not to explore beyond my comfort zone. I must say that the most surprising aspect of our trip was how good the food was. Your restaurant suggestions were great, and we appreciate your input.

On behalf of both of us, thank you for all your did to make this such a fabulous trip."

Randi Pomerantz

"What an incredible trip we had. Many wonderful experiences...and you did a fabulous job of coordinating all the pieces. I'll just name a few extra-special things from among the dozens of special things that I experienced: Just about everything in Toraja-land in Sulawesi; snorkeling; Puri Naga and meeting Nadya; visiting the mountain village and especially playing in the gamelan orchestra.

So many vivid memories. Perhaps you arrange the same things for most of your clients, or perhaps you "read" us accurately and served up the kinds of things that we desire when traveling. Whatever the case, it was a memorable, at times mind-boggling, trip. My deep appreciation for a fantastic trip."

Jack Litewka

"In a nutshell, the trip was fantastic!! We loved Bali. In particular, the Balinese people amazed us; full of gratitude and constantly making offerings of thanks. They are industrious and staying busy has created a culture of happy, grounded people. Agung was great and knowledeable and it was fun visiting Nadya at Puri Naga. She was very kind and helpful.

Accommodations were great. We loved all our rooms. Uma was very quiet, private and had superior service. Aman was perfect.

We are absolutely glowing from the trip. Thank you for your professional and organized approach to planning as well as your knowledge about Bali and ability to tailor our trip to what we were searching for."

Jeff Coleman

"We'd like to thank Diane and Bali Barong Tours for a great trip to Bali and beyond. Learned so much from our fantastic guide Agung, and driver Agus, who made our trip feel very special and without worry. Great Ubud hotel - Komaneka Rasa Sayang - fantastic restaurant recommendations, village visit to Pacut a highlight - along with our visit to the school - a great way to experience another culture as opposed to "visit a country." Thank you for listening to what we wanted to experience and developing an itinerary that really delivered! Looking forward to our next adventure!"

Dawn Jacobs

"A few quick thoughts. First - your choices were outstanding and it was so nice to have everything so well planned with so little effort on our part. I had another friend who was in Bali at the same time, withouth any travel guidance, and she had a pretty crummy experience - wrong hotels, wrong locations. We loved the Komaneka Rasa Sayang. The location was great and the staff was really terrific. We really enjoyed wandering the streets of Ubud - highlights for me were some fun new jewelry, reflexology and the Melting Wok restaurant. Betsy became best friends with the Secret Gelato shop. She must have bought 10 dresses too - a few of which were ripped from her hands in the Monkey Forest when mistaken for food.

Our guide Agus, and the driver, were wonderful. Agus really helped us to understand and appreciate the culture. And, they both went above/beyond when I got sick. The daily excursions were a nice way to see the island and explore the culture. I really liked the cooking class and the visit to the village where we played music, made hats, ate lunch - and Betsy plowed a field.

I thought the crafts were disappointing. I had been waiting years to get my Bali jewelry (big savings on John Hardy or Anna Beck quality), only to find things that I could get on the streets of NYC for cheaper. Of course, that didn't stop us from buying stuff:).

I loved how the Balinese people were always smiling. Again, thank you!"

Kris Bailey

"I want to thank you for putting together such an awesome holiday for me! Agung and Gus Dek were amazing companions and made sure I wanted for nothing the entire time. The full moon ceremony in the village was an amazing experience. The only thing I would have changed was to listen to some advice and not spend much time at all near the beach. I did enjoy learning to surf and having a three hour spa experience, but Kuta and Seminyak were way too crowded and not in line with the beauty and culture of the rest of the trip. Thank you again for a great trip!!!"

Lauren Hogg

"It's bittersweet being home after so long - bitter because Derek and I fell in love with Bali, but sweet because it's nice to be back to see family and friends and such. The trip was incredible and I'm going to recommend that our friends getting married should contact you, should they interested in traveling to Bali!!! Thank you for all your assistance in planning - it truly was more than words for us. We definitely plan to return and when we do it will be through you and Bapak Oka (our guide). I felt like he was our family while we were there. The purification, Mejaya-jaya and village visit were highlights of the trip for us. The people made an impression on our hearts that will forever be with us. I want to move to Bali and take orchestra lessons from the village! Although I'm finding words, there really aren't words to explain!"

Candace Norie

"Our trip was great - such a wonderful experience and the whole tour and everything that was set up went smoothly! It was great not to have to worry about planning anything, as everything was planned for us. Our guide was great! We absolutely LOVED Komaneka at Rasa Sayang - it was the best hotel experience we have ever had. That was one of the big highlights for us. Absolutely perfect!

Other highlights were Ubud in general - we really loved it there. The purification ceremony was such an awesome experience. The volcano climb although harder than we thought it would be was totally worth it. The bike ride was not as leisurely as we thought it would be as we biked on sand and through the jungle and on bumpy roads, but in the end we totally loved it. The snorkeling was the best snorkeling ever. Saw some of the most beautiful fish. Also, visiting the healer was a very cool experience as well.

If I had it to do over again, I would do another day or two near the beach. Other than that it was an amazing experience! Thank you so much for everything!"

Nicole Gearin

"Thank you for organizing the Bali portion of our honeymoon. We had a wonderful time, and it was truly memorable. We had heard of all these greats things about Bali, which is why we chose it as one of our honeymoon destinations, but not having traveled in Southeast Asia, we really didn't know what to expect. I think it's safe to say that our experiences in Bali not only met our expectations based on all the great feedback we received from friends who had traveled there before, but also surpassed anything we had imagined.

When we sought out travel agents for Bali, we were looking for someone who could organize activities off the beaten path. I think you and your firm delivered exactly that. Of all the activities you arranged for us, we truly enjoyed the visit to the mountain village. I was surprised by how much Chris enjoyed playing in the village orchestra! We also very much enjoyed the kecak dance and the cooking class. We got to help prepare six dishes during the class. We were surprised by the number of dishes, and we enjoyed feasting on all of them afterward.

The waterfalls hike was a great work out, but probably not something we would feel a strong urge to do again. The white water rafting was also fun, despite the pouring rain. We realized that Bali has a lot to offer in terms of the variety and range of activities/experiences. We felt like we saw and did a ton, but that there is so much more we didn't see.

Our best meal in Bali was at one of the seafood restaurants, called Menega Cafe, on Jimbaran Bay. In terms of hotels, for service and overall setting, there was nothing like Amandari. The classic style and the setting of the resort was breathtaking. Their level of service could not be topped. Komaneka at Bisma and The Legian were also very nice, although the service at The Legian trailed well behind Amandari and Komaneka at Bisma. There was a noticeable gap in the level of service between The Legian and the other two hotels. We still enjoyed our stay there, and loved the ocean views, especially by their infinity pool.

We enjoyed being guided by Oka and the driver. They were always prompt and very thorough with their services, making sure everything was fine with the hotels, to inquiring about our dinner plans and making sure we knew how to get to the restaurants. Their humbleness and level of service were notable. We liked that they were not constantly in our faces, and that they seemed quite genuine towards us. We very much appreciated them trying to cater to our needs and do everything we wanted to do.

We would highly recommend Bali as a travel destination to our friends and family, and we would recommend your services as well. Thank you again for helping us organize our honeymoon. We have both traveled quite a bit in Asia and Europe, but never experienced anything like this, not only in terms of the standard of the accommodations, but the experience overall in a developing nation, like Indonesia, and especially the Balinese culture. It was eye-opening to both of us, refreshing to experience somthing so new to us both, and we both felt like we gained a bit more perspective. Thanks again for everything, Diane!"

Rosanne Park & Christopher Kim

"The trip was great! We loved every minute of the trip. We were glad that we went to se many different spots on the island to truly see as much of Bali as possible. Our tour guide Agus, was excellent. He was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about everything Bali.

The Matahari hotel and the Komaneka at Bisma were incredible! Both with respect to the hotels and the service we received while we were there. We truly felt at ease and welcome at these hotels. If we ever have a chance to go back to Bali, we definitely stay at Komaneka at Bisma in Ubud again. Ideally, we would also like to go back to Matahari, as well, but Komaneka was amazing!

We loved all of our different excursions as well. The white water rafting guides were fun, and it was a beautiful trip. The elephant ride, snorkeling and volcano climb were also amazing! Getting to see all the different temples and culture in Bali was also really interesting.

If we can provide any kind of testimonial or reference for your company, I would be glad to help! I also wanted to thank you for helping us build the perfect trip for our honeymoon! If we have a chance to get to Bali again or if we know of someone else going to Bali we will be in touch or send them your way!"

John Collier & Lindsay Ronk

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know what an amazing honeymoon we had. We quickly fell in love with the Balinese people - their smile, food, culture and warmth and loved the country - beautiful, surprising and enchanting. We will recommend Bali and your services to every couple! Thank you again for a perfect itinerary and great planning. Please tell Oka (our guide) hello for us!"

Lindsay Rubin

"Thank you!!!! I can't tell you enough how AMAZING the trip did a FANTASTIC job planning everything...we will definitely get together thoughts for future trips you plan. I have to tell you that our guide, Oka, was L O V E him...great guy with a lot of knowledge and patience when addressing our many questions about Bali!!!"

Jennifer Rodrigue

"David and I couldn't have had a better honeymoon. Thank you so much for putting together an outstanding itinerary package! The guides were beyond amazing and the hotel staff at both locations most hospitable. The food was delicious, both the traditional Balinese cuisine and the daily breakfast (quite a feast!). The visit to the village was definitely a highlight of our trip and made it most memorable. Also enjoyed the authentic Balinese cooking class. The river rafting, elephant ride and temple visits were tons of fun. We really would like to thank you and everyone who helped us in Bali, especially Oka (guide), for a trip of a lifetime. We look forward to returning and will contact you for another Bali adventure when that time comes!"

Yasmeen Yassa & David Gutierrez

"Our trip was amazing, everything went really smooth, we didn't have any problems the whole trip, which is amazing. Having a driver and guide was awesome, they were both really friendly and our guide, Artayasa, answered every question we asked.

The people in Bali as a whole are all so extremely nice. Komaneka Tanggayuda was great, the hotel staff was great, they were so accommodating, tried to remember our name and likes at breakfast, were very good about cleaning and turndown service and good service by the pool. Breakfast at Tanggayuda was delicious, loved breakfast and it was really filling. They just had so many options and they did it really well. Dinner there was really good too, we were always happy with our food. Tanggayuda was really quiet, which we enjoyed. The rice paddy walking tour that Komaneka does was one of my favorite things.

We both loved the cooking class near Munduk! That was so much fun, hard work, but we ended up with a lot of delicious food. We really enjoyed that stop. We enjoyed the small warungs (cafés), Mozaic was delicious and a great experience, and we ate at the original Ibu Oka for lunch one day and that was really good.

The Elephant Safari Park and Lodge was AMAZING! The people there are so nice and they care so much about their elephants. It was better than I expected, honestly. We both did the swimming with the elephants twice, bathed them twice, got some great one on one time with the three-year-olds, feeding and playing with them, and then had the safari rides and rides to dinner. I feel like anyone of any age could appreciate this park. It's such a unique experience. The rooms here were better than I thought they'd be. The couple spa rooms here were really nice too.

Lastly, Alila Uluwatu, I have to start out by saying WOW! The service of our butler, Adi, was OUTSTANDING!. In the evenings we went down to the beach to search the tidepools in the reefs and then a sunset cocktail. All of our dinners here were good, I personally liked the Warung better than Cire. We at twice in the private cabanas and that was special, we did a lot of tastings of different Balinese dishes. I discovered that I really liked the Balinese food and I love all their exotic fruits (mangosteens and snake fruit!).

The architecture at Alila Uluwatu is beautiful and the people were extremely nice. The spa here was also really good. The service from our butler was top notch, again cleaning promptly, being available when needed but not being intrusive. It was definitely one of the nicest places I've ever stayed. The view from the sunset cabana was beautiful too, better than the pictures.

So everything was great, all the places we stayed were great, the places we visited during the day were so interesting and all the people just so nice. We loved Bali! Thank you for setting it up for us, we would definitely recommend you to anyone, it was a great experience."

Michelle & Nate Brakke

"We can't thank you enough for the excellent trip arrangements. You did a fantastic job. It truly was the best trip we've ever taken. We all agree that the experience far surpassed our expectations. Artayasa was the perfect guide for us. We will forever appreciate all he did to educate us about Balinese culture. And, he was very accommodating of some of the kids' needs and my special request to scatter my mom's ashes at a river temple. We also especially enjoyed visiting his village and experiencing the hospitality of his family and community. That day in the village made the trip feel authentic to us.

We most enjoyed the people of Bali. I'm still trying to internalize their sense of calm and their understanding of the ebb and flower of the world. I need to go back so that I can become more Balinese!

The place we liked the most was Taman Sari. Going to that part of the island (Pemuteran), we had expected somewhat rustic accommodations. On the next trip we'd like to spend more time on that side of the island. That villa still evokes lovely, lovely memories. It is the most serene, relaxing place we have ever experienced. And, our daughters really felt at home there. They ran around, enjoyed the ocean and we saw their free spirits emerge.

I was most worried about my 6-year-old surviving the long plane flight, but EVA Airlines did an excellent job. The in-flight entertainment kept her busy and she slept quite a bit. Both girls did very well at the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel (which we loved - it was a perfect family choice) and at their kids' program, although that program is better for children under 10 years. My 11-year-old wanted to spend time alone by the pool and we let her do that since it was a perfectly safe environment. I recall that you said that prior clients' children complained about the long car rides. I think the problem is that the driving is stop-and-go and bumpy, making it the kind of ride that can induce motion sickness in kids. Both my kids had a lot of motion sickness, but it cleared up with dramamine. I'd advise all parents to take dramamine with them and to be prepared for long, bumpy rides.

There's a place near Taman Sari where the kids can release turtles into the ocean. My girls absolutely loved doing that. They still think about their little turtles swimming out there somewhere in the Indian Ocean. They also still talk about the elephant ride and the Bali Bird Park.

We really can't thank you enough for having made this trip possible. "

Monica Driggers

"Diane provided my fiancé and me with the most exquisite itinerary for our honeymoon. It was perfectly paced, filled with both adventure and relaxation. Heading to Ubud, we especially loved stopping at the water palace, traditional village and bat cave. Highlights for us in Ubud started off with our hotel, Komaneka Monkey Forest Road, which we considered more like an idyllic sanctuary, the elephant ride and white water rafting, and the sunrise hike on Mt. Batur.

Our day in Agung's (our guide) village was the greatest apex of a trip one could ask for. Our marriage ceremony (Mejaya-jaya) was such a unique and special experience we'll always cherish. We loved all parts of our afternoon, meeting Agung's neighbors and experiencing a "day in the life." Munduk was beautiful as well - totally rustic and a great adventure. We experienced some of the most amazing vistas and sunsets right from our deck! We also loved our cooking class and day hike to the waterfalls. On our way to Seminyak, we stopped by a traditional healer which I must say, was quite fun too. We look forward to seeing if his workings helped!

Then on to Seminyak! We thought we'd found the ultimate paradise at Komaneka, but The Elysian gave it a good run. Our suite was superb and the staff were all so sweet and hospitable. We did a lot of surfing, running on the beach and R&R and definitely ate our way through the town! The food was outstanding!. Our favorites were probably Mama San, Warung Eny's and sunset drinks at Ku De Ta - though equally great was sipping fresh coconuts and cold Bintangs and seeing sunsets from the beach. Oh, how we're going to miss it all so much. I would recommend it to anyone - honeymooners, adventurers and families seeking to come away with a true sense of Bali and a completely unique experience.

Thank you for arranging the trip of a lifetime! We arrived home yesterday afternoon, overwhelmed with the best emotions from the most amazing time of our lives. From the time we met Agung at the airport, to the time we left him (with tears), we loved it all so, so much. Bali is such a wonderful island filled with the most kind and gentle people, rich culture and amazing sites and adventurous offerings - we just loved our experiences there so much. Thank you for making it so perfect."

Jessie Hole

"You did an impeccable job planning this trip and it was so appreciated. Every detail was covered and nothing went wrong at all. Not a single hiccup. All of the airlines/transfers/layovers/meals were amazingly efficient, helpful and seamless. EVA was exceptional, expecially compared to any other coach flight I've been on. The guides were prompt, timely knowledgeable and most importantly friendly. Agus, our tour guide, and Bagus, our driver, were awesome and much fun was had due to them. All of our third party guides, from the trekker to the rafting, were awesome.

The hotels were wonderful, as were their locations. We both agreed that Komaneka was our favorite due to its quaint luxury and spacious hospitality. Every staff member was warm, helpful and always knew our names. The upgraded one bed, one bath suite was truly lovely and they even gave us a honeymoon complimentary four-course meal by candlelight on our patio. Breakfast was never a disappointment. And, despite being on a bustling street, the resort always managed to have a quiet serenity to it. It was like having a lovely second vacation home.

We explored a lot of Ubud by foot and it was a blast. Great open air cafes. Explored the markets and I even kicked the soccer ball around with some Bali school kids. Between all the palaces, temples, dances and cultural experiences we truly got the bucket list item checked off.

Not only that, but Jimbaran Bay was stunning. Surfing Padang Padang has been on my "must-do" list since I was 16. Unreal. Gorgeous water, excellent surf and greatness all around. The grounds at the Intercontinental are gorgeous and the hotel served us complimentary peach bellinis with a bottle of champagne. We really dug the sunset bar and candlelight dinners at the waterfront cafes. Truly surreal with your feet in the sand/waterline. The bay was much cleaner than expected and most everyone was trying their best. To be honest, I don't think we encountered one mean-spirited person the whole trip. Except for maybe that monkey who tried to steal my grocery bag on the way back from the store. Silly monkeys! Beer is for humans.

Anyway, we made it a trip for the books and couldn't have done without an exquisite agent. Even though you do it for a living, we wish to thank you for your attention to detail and helping have a honeymoon trip we will never forget."

Aaron Zide

"Bali was wonderful. The country is beautiful and the people are so friendly. We really enjoyed all the experiences you set up for us, and the hotels were awesome. Staff was great, service was really good too. Oka was a wonderful guide. He was so knowledgeable, flexible and really seemed to enjoy his job. I think it ended up being a good balance of organized tour and leisure time. We really loved the culture and beauty of Bali. Our guide in Java was also great and we felt very lucky to be able to see Borobudur and Prambanan. Thank you for arranging the trip for us and helping with the logistics. We really loved Bali and hope to go back soon! Next time we will definitely spend more time there. There's so much more to see and do!"

Purvi Patel

"We had the BEST trip ever. I cannot tell you how thankful we are for your assistance. The people of Bali are truly gracious and lovely, they made the entire trip. I cried when we left. The guide, Agung, and driver, Agus, were indispensable. They were kind, knowledgeable and caring. Agung opened up his home and village to us, which was the most amazing part of the trip for my family. Never in our travels have we met such nice people, as a whole. Great accommodations. Wow at Jimbaran Puri Bali, but the KaJane was more special. LOVED Ubud. Great city. All activities were perfectly arranged. Thank you, thank you, I know I've forgotten to mention many things. Thank you again -- you truly are the Bali Expert!"

Amy Baldwin

"What a trip. We just can't thank you enough. Everything could not go any smoother - pick ups, transfers, local tours. All perfect. The Kayumanis hotels were just phenomenal. The service at Kayumanis Nusa Dua was simply impeccable. We took advantage of their private dinner in our villa and it was out of the world. The pool was filled with flower petals, candles surrounding the place, whole nine yards. Above and beyond. It is very quiet at both Kayumanis Nusa Dua and Kayumanis Ubud, with not much of a place to hang out - you really want to stay in your villa the whole time. Tugu in Lombok had a more social feel and we were really glad to spend the days at the pool. Not at all crowded, but we did see other people. We went on a gorgeous sunrise boat trip on the hotel's traditional boat. The waterfall tour in Bali was incredible! So beautiful and remote and not at all crowded with tourists. Absolutely a highlight. It was more like a hike than a "soft trek." If I think of anything else, I will send your way. But, it was absolutely a 20 out of 10."

Annie Egan

"Our trip was phenomenal! More wonderful than I or the kids ever expected. This was the trip of a lifetime. The kids' favorite day was, of course, the elephant ride followed by the white water rafting. The highlight of the trip for me, was the day spent in the village. My husband also enjoyed this very much. You organized a perfect trip. I would do it all over again. There is so much to see in this great place. Many thanks again for your wonderful assistance and awesome planning. I will recommend your services to anyone who wants to go to Bali."

Lucie Hamel-Bell

"We really enjoyed the hotels. Rasa Sayang was probably our favorite, as the staff were so warm and welcoming, and very accommodating. I can't say enough about the people there, as it made the trip so special. The Elysian was Jason's favorite hotel. Our drivers and guides in Bali and Lombok were remarkable. Agung's handling of my fall into the waterfall, due to a silly slip, was over-the-top caring and sincere. He got me out of the water, helped me with my injuries and even carried me when I had a hard time walking. I can't say enough about him. Surya in Lombok was also a great guide. Everyone was on time and extremely responsive. You are working with some really wonderful people out there! The village tour was the star of the trip and one of the most special things we have done together. I loved Tanah Lot and we enjoyed the trip to Denpasar's market. Our trip to the Gili Islands was nice. I would say that the second island (Gili Meno) was the highlight. Overall the trip was just incredible and we are so thankful for your work, the work of the local guides and just the chance to visit somewhere so new and different."

Rebecca S.

"I am very impressed. You did an excellent job and we had a wonderful vacation. Lombok was incredible, the Tugu, that is. What a funny experience when you drive there. You think you are going to be staying in a grass hut, because of its remoteness and then WOW what a great place! Everything on Bali was great also. Great guides, great service, great excursions. I am very impressed with the logistics. Not a single hitch. I can't even run my company in my own back yard that well! If you ever need a recommendation, let me know. You did a great job in setting this up. Thanks."

Doug Graves

"Bali is great. The place is super, service unbelieveable, food wonderful. I only have one question. Why did you not insist on more days (ha, ha)? Thanks, this has been great, quiet, peaceful, relaxing. A touch of heaven. Agung our guide and Agus our driver are both great."

"You did an amazing job and we are grateful. Feel free to use us as a reference. It was all first rate! Thanks so much."

Lee Werley & Marcia Ladd

"What an amazing trip! Agung and Agus were wonderful and I enjoyed the time I got to spend with them. Thank you for all your assistance in arranging such a magnificent trip for me! I'm now looking at when I can possibly get back. Just to let you know, I liked Ubud more than Seminyak. Oh...and you were so right! The fresh juices in Bali are to die for!!!

Camille Bratkowski

"I just wanted to let you know how fantastic our trip was. We got a great perspective of the different facets of Indonesian life, from Muslim Yogyakarta and Solo, with their ancient temples and the wonderful landscapes of Java; the unique life in Sulawesi and Toraja, including the rice barns and the cliff graves, not to mention the incredible funeral experience; and finally Hindu Bali with its daily offerings, art, dance, temples and village life.

The visit to the healer was a memorable experience - he worked near-miracles on my husband. Probably the most unique and wonderful day of the trip (although it is really hard to pick!) was going to the village - visiting the school, making our coconut palm hat and temple offering, seeing the rice planting, and finally playing with the gamelan orchestra. It all sounded sort of kitschy on the itinerary, but it was probably the most meaningful day of our trip in understanding more about the Balinese way of life. And, at our next hotel, the staff asked about our hats and when we told them we made them ourselves, the univeral reaction was, "you made them?!? I'm Balinese and I don't know how to make them!"

The cooking lesson was outstanding - having to grind the Balinese spices in a mortar and pestle (including the peanuts for the peanut sauce) made us really appreciate the subtlety and flavors of Indonesian food. Cooking over a wood fire with essentially one opening on which to place food, and yet being able to create a full menu from soup to dessert, that we were then able to feast on, was a real treat.

Our guides and drivers were outstanding - adding to the sights we saw by discussing with us all aspects of Indonesian life. The accommodations were incredibly comfortable and the staffs at all the hotels were universally helpful and friendly. Thanks for all your recommendations and allowing us to sample so many aspects of Indonesian life and culture - not just the beaches!"

Diane Jablonski

"We had a fabulous vacation. Thanks for making all the arrangements. Samboja Lodge (in Borneo) was amazing and we had such a great experience observing the orangutans and sunbears. Our guide in Bali, Oka, was first-rate. He had so much knowledge that we didn't know how to process it all. The afternoon in the local village was amazing. The drivers for all parts of the journey were excellent. The Komaneka Resort was beautiful. Overall, it was a five-star trip. Thank you for planning it with us, and I will definitely refer you to friends and family."


"Lindsay and I want to thank you for all your help in working with us on our honeymoon. Everything worked out wonderfully and we had such an amazing time. Bali is truly a fantastic place and has so much to offer. Your suggestions and the accommodations worked out perfectly. We really didn't know what we were in for, but we fell in love. We are so excited that we chose Bali as our destination. The black sand beaches are soft and the water is crystal blue. The reefs and fish are gorgeous. The people in Bali are so unbelievably nice and so happy to have you on their island.

We found Diane Embree on a website and are so happy we chose her as our travel agent. She was delightful to deal with and was readily available if we had any questions. Not only does she know the island well, but the people she works with were great. They were never late and everything was planned out perfectly for us. Thanks for everything."

Dan Beiley

"We had an INCREDIBLE time on the trip. We cannot thank you enough for all of your help in preparing the trip. Everything went perfectly smoothly and our guide and driver were a pleasure. Our favorite activities were definitely the elephant ride and white water rafting. We also loved the Tanah Lot temple, the Bat Cave temple and the Tirta Gangga water gardens. We really enjoyed the boat trip, as well.

We were obsessed with our private villa at Kayumanis Ubud. It was amazing. The Oberoi was also fantastic and gorgeous. I would recommend Body Works Spa. They provide excellent spa services at a fraction of the cost that the hotel spas charge. We loved the trip. Thank you again for your help!"

Heather Petersen

"The trip was awesome, thank you so much for your help to make this a true trip of a lifetime! Everything was amazing; the villas, the tours, the staff, the food. etc. I will be calling on you again to help us arrange a return trip...hopefully in the near future!"

Susan Blum

"We had an incredible time on the trip and everything went perfectly. The guides were fantastic and we appreciated their insight on the "true" Indonesia and their expertise on the sites we saw. The trip to the village was fabulous and such a treat! All the hotels were excellent and the service was impeccable. We loved the honeymoon surprises/extras at all of the different stops. We appreciate all your help in putting this truly memorable trip together for us and will certainly recommend your services to any friends who may wish to visit Indonesia."

Chris & Lauren Isola

"It has been the best vacation ever! Thank you for making all the arrangements! Everything went without a glitch. Agung, our guide, was absolutely wonderful. We were able to see Bali from inside out, through the eyes of a person who lived and breathed his culture, rituals, religion and traditions. How can it can any better than that? It was truly a fascinating experience! Anywhere we went people were genuinely happy to talk to us, to assist in any way they could. We were always greeted with a warm smile and a handshake. They went out of their way to show their appreciation of having us visit their beautiful island. We enjoyed everything we saw and did in Bali.

A few of the highlights were Tanah Lot temple, the elephant ride, the holy spring temple at Tampaksiring, Ubud and the rice field walk, the traditional village, the Bat Cave temple and dinner at a seafood restaurant on the beach in Jimbaran. Please feel free to use my comments and feedback with any of your other customers. I will definitely recommend you and your agency to anyone who may be considering this trip."

Olga Shturmakov

"It was amazing. The itinerary was great with the right mix of sightseeing, culture and free time. Bali is a charming island with a unique history. I appreciate the glimpse into everything that you facilitated. We especially enjoyed the village visit. The accommodations exceeded expectations. We loved our guide and our driver was simply adorable with his personality and smile. I would recommend you, the itinerary, the guide, the driver and the accommodations."

Linde Hotchkiss

"We really enjoyed our trip. I can't think of anything that you could have done to make it better than it was! Our guides and drivers were outstanding. Both Roy (in Java) and Weda (in Bali) picked up on the things that interested us and worked them into our schedule. They were both fun and informative. The drivers were excellent - didn't throw us all over the car on the winding roads and didn't frighten us with macho driving! We left feeling that we had gained four new friends. During the day in the village Weda picked up that I was fascinated with the penjors, so he arranged for us to make one. What a lovely group of people, so hospitable. We had fun and plenty of laughs. Once again you have provided a fantastic trip for a very reasonable price. I am a FAN!"

Suzanne Smith

"It was a fabulous trip! I enjoyed everything! I love Bali...the people...the food...the sites! It was such an exciting experience - even when I dislocated my finger. The medical help that I received was very professional and they gave me a full written report and x-rays to bring back to the States. I was very fortunate to have our guide Weda there to help. I felt safe and secure. The people were so caring. Thank you again for putting this trip together for us. It was a perfect trip! And, a big thank you for our wonderful guides and drivers!!! They were fabulous, fun and intuned to us. Now my husband wants to go!"

Gerri Johnson-McMillin

"Peter and I had a fantastic honeymoon. Our tour guide, Agung, and driver, Agus, were great. Always on time and very friendly. The day trips around Bali were really fun - especially the trip to the village. Such a unique experience! We especially loved listening to and playing with the orchestra. Both Bali hotels were excellent and the staff was really great at both places. We liked your restaurant recommendations, which helped us narrow down all those choices. Eastern Indonesia is definitely not as touristy and together as Bali. However, the hotel on Flores was really nice. Best sunsets of the trip. The snorkeling there was incredible too, so we're really glad we made the trip to Flores, Rinca and Komodo. Thanks so much for helping us put together such a great trip! Peter had never been to Asia and loved everything about it! We had a wonderful time - enjoyed the people, hotels and food very much. Thank you again for everything!"

Meagan Seabury

"Wow! Bali was absolutely amazing! First of all, I want to thank you for everything you did to make our honeymoon as perfect as it was. Thank you for setting up the hotels, the tours, the dinner at Mozaic (which was one of the best dinners we have ever had), the airfare and everything else. I can't begin to describe the experience we had. Bali is the best place we have ever been. The people are so kind and generous. They go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure things are perfect for you. The hotels were beautiful and the service was excellent. Our tour guide, Weda, was phenomenal. He was so great and knowledgeable. He made our trip! The visit to the village is something that everyone who visits Bali should experience. It was probably the highlight of our trip. Again, thank you for all your help and everything you did for us. We truly appreciate everything! We will be recommending you, as well as Bali, to everyone we meet!"

Nick & Allison Kirkpatrick

"We had a wonderful time in Bali. Our guide Weda and driver Kadek could not have been more helpful or cheerful. We will recommend your agency to anyone who asks. Thank you."

Brian Twohig

"Very sad to see our trip has been marvelous. Just some quick notes...Toraja was fantastic. Puri Wirata resort was superb and the diving excellent. Munduk was just great, Puri Lumbung had great views, hikes and interesting, tasty food. And, of course, Ubud was terrific. The rafting trip on the Ayung River was wonderful. Arta was one of the best guides we've ever had; can't say enough about how thoughtful and knowledgeable he is. I'd be very happy to provide an endorsement of your services."

David Lancy

"Thank you for planning a great trip! You were right about the Balinese. They are the warmest and most gracious people. They have a great attitude on life. The people, customs, art and the trip in general all made quite an impression on us. I'm still dreaming about Bali a week after we got back. The itinerary was perfect. The length of stay at each location, and the accommodations, were just right. The restaurant recommendations you sent us were also excellent.

Our guide and driver were like family during the trip. Tasman was knowledgeable, professional, on time, accommodating and even assisted me in carrying my heavy camera gear. Gusti is an excellent driver with a warm heart. They were flexible on the itinerary so we could stay longer at the temple festival and stop to take pictures during our drives. The village experience was truly unique. Playing with the gamelan orchestra was personal and memorable. We felt honored to be part of the village. I gave your name to my friend, who is also planning to go to Bali for his honeymoon. I will definitely recommend you to family and photography friends in the future. Thank you for all your attention to detail on this trip and for making our dream come true. "

Ramilo De Los Reyes

"We had a truly fabulous trip. Thanks for all your help in setting it up. Everything went quite smoothly. In particular, we want to thank you for recommending Tugu Bali. It was definitely our favorite hotel. Our guide and driver, Agung and Agus, were very helpful and always right on schedule. We really enjoyed our tours with them, particularly the trip to their village. It was really nice to see their community and get a real glimpse of village life. Your expertise on hotels, tours and sites was indispensible in planning this trip. Having everything planned in advance, including a driver and guide to accompany us, was definitely a luxury. Please let us know if you need any references in the future. Thanks for everything."

Renee & Brian

"We had a wonderful vacation! You crafted a perfect itinerary including great hotels, fantastic activities and a phenomenal guide in Tasman. It's such a fascinating culture. The Balinese made us feel so welcome, especially during our stay in Pacut. Tasman constantly taught us about Bali including farming, Hinduism, natural wonders and history. I feel that we all got so much more out of our Balinese experience than the average tourist. My kids were never bored, and enjoyed our 'down time' to either shop or sit on the beach. I wish I could maintain the feeling of contentment that I've felt upon returning home. Hopefully, I can learn from the simplicity and values of the Balinese people. Once again, kudos for a job very well done."

Mike Koplin

"The best parts of the trip were Ubud and Pemuteran. The hotels (Pita Maha and Matahari) were outstanding, the service was excellent and the activities were well-organized. You did a great job getting us rooms in awesome locations, as well. The Oberoi was excellent, though more crowded and with a resort-like feel. The pool was great and the breakfasts at The Oberoi were definitely the best. We got a lot of massages with the best being at Matahari - Andreh was his name and he did work you over! Our guide Tasman was great and very informative - he kept us engaged through the trip and he would always drop us off at our hotel with a restaurant recommendation or two. Overall we had a memorable trip to Bali. Thanks for your efforts!"

Sarah W.

"It was a really great week. The hotel (Pita Maha) was fantastic. The staff was excellent and the facility beautiful. The tours were well done. We both agree that the day in the village was the highlight. Our guide and driver were fantastic. Tasman, the guide, was amazingly knowledgeable and Bagus was an excellent and safe driver. I would recommend them to anyone. We are both more than satisfied and felt you did a great job putting together our itinerary. We are already planning to return with our sons; they really need to see Bali before it changes much more."

George Wolfe

"The trip was so great that we did not think about work at all and we totally lost track of time. The hotels were wonderful and our guide was really accommodating and informative. We loved the kecak dance, and the day in the village was a wonderful experience. The food prepared for us at the village was amazing and my favorite part was playing with the orchestra. We enjoyed river rafting and the elephant ride as well. The itinerary was a good combination of free time and scheduled activities. Alex didn't really know too much about what we had planned and he was pleasantly surprised throughout the trip. Both hotels delivered a cake to our room and The Oberoi did the whole honeymoon thing with flowers on the bed, which was adorable. As far as it being the rainy season, I liked it. It seemed to rain on cue, just when we sat down at a restaurant or got back to our room. We were never really caught in a downpour. All in all a wonderful time. Thank you so much for your assistance and attention in planning our honeymoon. We will never forget it."

Kristine Kearney

"Diane, it's been a year since we planned this trip and I can't thank you enough. It really was **perfect**. We remember it daily. We are SO glad we had private tours because it was so special, so unique and completely ours. We got to do and see things and ask questions. We had some amazing conversations about life, religion and politics with our guide Tasman and driver Wida. It was fantastic.

Amankila was pure heaven and the perfect place for our wedding. It was worth every penny. We loved Pita Maha; it was a great location for our time in Ubud. We're so, so, so glad we decided to stay at Tugu Bali. It was like a little magical wonderland.

The elephant ride and river rafting were SUPER FUN! And, we loved the snorkeling at Menjangan Island and couldn't wait to go back again the second day. The village visit was such a special day. Please don't let anyone who wants the true experience of Bali miss this village. Seeing the herons at Petulu was quite spectacular. One of Rob's favorite events was visiting the dukun. He helped Rob with some pain he was having and the whole experience was eye-opening. The waterfall was so beautiful and the cooking lesson was amazing. We made sure to have a massage almost every single day!

You did a spectacular job of taking the things that we like and creating the perfect itinerary for us. We are grateful to have found you. No words will ever express the wonders of the experience and the joy in our hearts. I look forward to being in touch again.

Michelle Huber & Rob Banga

"THANK YOU. Bali is amazing. Each day was full of highlights so it's difficult to focus on just a few. One thing your clients should never miss is the village trip. The compound visit and the gamelan lesson were an unforgettable experience for us. We were so pleased with Agung's knowledge and professionalism. We will definitely be returning and hopefully will again have Agung for our guide. I cannot thank you enough for your perfect itinerary. I am anxious to learn more about the culture and look forward to future Balinese memories. Thank you again for a holiday that will forever be a part of us."

Nicole Rogan

"Well, we are back. As you know, it is an amazing journey. Magical, mystical, unpredictable, surreal, beautiful. Agung and Weda were the perfect guide and driver; gracious, knowledgeable, collaborative and great senses of humor. We learned, laughed, loved and saw much. Thank you so much for all the large and small details you kept your eye on. Very much appreciated!"

Debra Balamos

"I fell in love not only with the people, the island and the tours, but with the way the Balinese lead their lives. The landscapes are so lush and inviting, the food is magnificent and the culture is rich. The combination of cultural trips and relaxation was perfect and we really felt like VIPs the entire time. We were so excited about how you set things up. We absolutely will recommend you in the future and Guenter and I already decided that we will go back for a shopping tour when our house is finished. Thanks for changing our lives!"

Tanya Carter

"We had a wonderful time in Bali, and it was due, in large part, to the great choices you made for us - the most important being Kayumanis, The Oberoi, and our guide, Arta. Both hotels were just great, each in its own way. We cannot say enough good things about Arta. He's was the perfect person to guide us around Bali: a tourist professional who nevertheless is a practicing Hindu and integral member of several of the villages that form the core of Balinese life. The night we stayed in his family village was just a wonderful treat for us. The accommodations there were indeed basic, but that was fine; just what we wanted in a sense in that we got to see true Balinese village life. We felt so welcomed and relaxed and, really just privileged to be able to be there. We were singing YOUR praises throughout the trip, thinking all the time: "what a good choice Diane made here . .. . what a good choice here." In short, thanks very much for a vacation well-planned, and rest assured that we will be telling our friends: If you want to visit Bali, we know just the person to call."

Dave Krogh

"Thank you so much for planning such an awesome trip. There were so many different experiences like the wonderful temples, the island itself and especially the people, that really stood out for us. We really appreciated the sense of community and hospitality of everyone we met. Our guide, Tasman, was incredible. We learned so much. I think if we were to pick one standout it would have to be playing with the village gamelan orchestra. I didn't think I would like it too much, but it was so much fun and the village women were so warm and welcoming. Our accommodations were diverse but we really enjoyed each and every one of them. We had the best time. Also, it was awesome to be there during Galungan with the decorations and fesitivites. I can't even begin to tell you how great it was. Thanks again!"

Mellany Parinas

"I wanted to thank you for helping us plan a fantastic vacation! We had an absolutely wonderful time! We enjoyed everything you recommended from the hotels to the day trips…we would not have known what to do and in turn would have missed a lot if you had not helped us out. We will definitely be recommending your services to our friends and family and would love to work with you again when we go back to Bali!"

Noah Schuffman & Laura Farris

"It was amazing. The Balinese people are the nicest I've ever come across. Our tour guide, Tasman, became a good friend while we were there...we looked forward to his pickups and the knowledge he shared with us. The hotels were beautiful...Four Seasons Sayan was breathtaking...listening to the river flow and the frogs croaking at night was a treat. The snorkeling on Menjangan was better than Hawaii...and far less crowded. I thought coral reefs like that were only in Thank you for arranging such a memorable trip for us. Your planning and attention to detail let us enjoy every moment without worry. We felt completely prepared and safe on our journey across the world. I will definitely spread the word about Bali and your services to everyone I talk to."

Jamie Kintz

"Our trip was great. Arta was a superb guide and the hotels were wonderful. Tugu Bali was incomparable. I loved Lake Batur, the dance performances, seeing processions and offerings, the village (gamelan orchestra and family temple). To me, the most compelling aspect of the trip was the opportunity to observe a society that is oriented in a way that is different not only from the U.S., but from any other place I have ever visited. A society that revolves around spirituality. We thought Borobudur was a wonderful experience. Here the elephant ride was magnificent. We rode through villages and observed life at a Javanese pace. The experience actually made us think about traveling to other parts of Indonesia in the future. Thanks for planning such a wonderful trip for us. It is an experience we will long remember and think about."

Sharon Nathan

"We had a great trip to Indonesia and you did a great job setting things up. Taman Sari in Pemuteran was, as you said, spectacular. I'm definitely going back there sometime. Highly recommended is the Gajah Wong restaurant in Yogyakarta - probably the best combination of ambience and food of any place we ate, and not terribly expensive. We were delighted with the trip and would be glad to give referrals or testimonials on the work done by you and your local contacts. We were more than pleased and ended up with just what we wanted out of the trip."

Vic Halverson

"Bali was fantastic, everything worked out perfectly, we couldn't have asked for a better trip! Thank you for all of your arrangements. We felt very secure in knowing you had taken care of everything, from airfare to transfers to hotel. Bali is beautiful, we hope to go back within the next few years. The people are so kind and welcoming. Your information, insight and recommendations were excellent. You were right about Ubud, it was a definite must-see, even for beach worshippers. We loved it. It was so eclectic and unique - totally our style! It was truly a pleasure working with you and experiencing a relaxing, beautiful and well planned trip! Wonderful memories!"

Kate Hinshaw

"Everyone had a spectacular time, and that is quite an accomplishment for a group of twelve! While standing around in the pool on our last night, we all remarked on how smoothly everything had gone, from flights to hotels to dining. All of your recommendations were right on the mark. Until this trip we have booked all our own vacations, but our experience working with you has renewed our faith in travel agents. We will certainly recommend you to family and friends. Thanks so much!"

Tracy & Matt Heverly

"WE LOVED BALI!!! We will definitely be going back next year. Ketut was the best guide we could have had, and he went out of his way to do things for us. We thought that the Pita Maha was the nicest place that we have ever stayed. We thought that all the people of Bali were so nice, and that Bali was one of the most spiritual places that we have ever been. The people there live their religion every day. Whether it was purchasing something or eating dinner, we felt truly welcomed in Bali. You outdid yourself and we loved being so taken care of. Thanks for everything!"

Cheryl Wilhite & Erin Hickman

"Artayasa met us on time in Bali. He has a policy of always being early to pick up clients. The unfailing dependability on this point was appreciated. Our guide, Suyasa, was most accommodating to us without being servile. We felt that we had begun a friendship in the short time that we had with him. Our driver also was most friendly. Playing in the village gamelan band was a high point of the trip to Bali. Also a high point was the Ayung river rafting. I was the only one to fall from the raft. Unfortunately, I drowned and this message is from the spirit world. Suyasa warned me that with my karma I would return as the left leg of a cricket, but I scoffed. Suyasa said we were the first Americans he had traveled with since the Kuta bombing. He had two more booked after us, but then no more prospects. Sad!! Toni, Christy, and I feel we were most fortunate in having your services. I want to return to Southeast Asia again. Do you offer help for Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia as well?" (Yes, we do!)

Joe, Toni and Christy

"The trip was great!!! I went out in Seminyak a lot and that was fun..great shopping and night life. The Nusa Dua Beach Hotel is very nice. My only reservation was that this area was not in walking distance of shops/restaurants. Most of the people that were there didn't leave the hotel. If anyone is traveling to Bali and has concerns of terrorism please let them know that I was welcomed with open arms from the Balinese people. I felt completely safe. When I went out at night there were an abundance of policemen outside of the bars/restaurants making sure that the area was safe."

Carrie Robinson

"Bali was so much fun and we had an incredible time on our honeymoon. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I have to say that Bali is too beautiful of a place to miss! I'm so incredibly happy that we chose to go there and not let the terrorists ruin our honeymoon. Also, we LOVED the Pita Maha and had such a wonderful time there, to say the least."

Karen & Pham

"Thank you so much for organizing my trip. It was incredible. Everything went very well and my guide and driver were fantastic. Singapore Airlines was wonderful as well. I loved the Sacred Mountain Sanctuary and Taman Sari Cottages. Everyone was very accommodating wherever I went. I saw a lot and on a second trip would probably do more in the national parks and out of town. I would love to see other parts of Southeast Asia now. It was definitely the trip of a lifetime, and I really appreciate all your help and information. It made my trip so enjoyable and carefree."

Diane M.

"The weather in Bali was beautiful! Kuta and the outlying areas were a bit too commercialized for our tastes. Once we drove out of the main area, it was very beautiful. Artayasa (our guide) was very nice and informative. I would definitely recommend the Legian Beach Hotel. Everyone was very friendly and the food was wonderful. The beach was amazing! Big clean beaches! The temples were gorgeous as well. Singapore was an amazingly clean city! The Holiday Inn Parkview was perfect; not right on Orchard road, so it was quiet. Awesome food. We had a great time!!!

Thank you for arranging everything!!! We did not have a single problem with all of the transfers, hotels, air tickets, etc. By the way, I definitely think Singapore airlines was the way to go. Every SIA plane was brand spanking new. The flight attendants were all beautiful and VERY nice. (Jerry couldn't get over the wonderful service, by the friendly, pretty and pleasant flight crew members.) This definitely made the LONGGGGGGGGG flight bearable. Thank you again for the hitch-free arrangements. You are the best!!!"

Noreen Lum

"Our guide and driver were excellent, and we enjoyed the outings that they provided, gaining many insights into the life and culture of the island. Chris took the rice field trek. She said it was an excellent day, especially the encounter with the gamelan group. Thanks again for arranging our visit to Bali, if we should decide to return there I will be in touch."

Simon Rickard

"It was an absolutely wonderful trip. I especially liked Pemuteran. The snorkeling there was amazing. (Our guide) Suyasa was wonderful. Hiking Mt. Batur volcano for sunrise was the highlight of the trip. Thanks for all your hard work."

Tara Croan

"Our trip was wonderful. Bali is a beautiful place. We loved Pita Maha. The service was incredible. Sacred Mountain was very pretty and the food was great (very inexpensive also). The service at the Ritz was incredible. I'm so glad that I choose the Ritz Carlton Club level. The food presentations were wonderful. It also saved us a lot of money since we'd eat breakfast there everyday and also have our drinks there free of charge. We really enjoyed the Monkey forest. We are so grateful for all your recommendations and service. Our driver and guide were awesome and Pita Maha was perfect."

Deanna Martin

"The tours were so amazing and beautiful! The deep sapphire blue of the ocean and the vivid green of the palms and rice paddys were awe-inspiring. The dances like the Barong and Legong were so exciting and mystifying leaving you with the thought of: "How are they able to do that with their fingers and move their eyes like one of those cat clocks?" I did buy my fair share of souvenirs filling a whole suitcase with masks, batiks, books, and jewelry. The hotel (Pertiwi Resort) was fantastic! I loved it when I would walk into my room after my morning walk or tan and find a flower on my bed and bathing towel. By the end of the trip almost everybody knew my name and call me Mr. Steven. The tour guide was also very helpful in telling me the customs, history, amongst other information of Bali. Diane, thank you so much for setting this trip up for me. I had the time of my life...thus far. Terima Kasih."

Steven Vander Plaats

"Rachel and I got back home yesterday evening. We had a fantastic time in Bali and were very pleased with the whole experience. Both of us loved the island, the people, and the things we did and saw there.

Thank you again for putting the vacation together for us -- it was definitely the best planned and executed trip that we've been on and I think that your (and the local operator's) service exceeded expectations. Our guide, Suyasa, was absolutely fantastic. He had a great body of knowledge which he shared with us, was extremely flexible in meeting our interests, and was a truly great guide to the country. The entire "program" portion of the trip was perfectly planned and executed.

As for the accomodations, we were extremely happy with all of the places that we stayed. I think that you did an excellent job in figuring out what we were looking for and recommending the best hotel for the price. In particular, your recommendation of upgrading rooms at Taman Sari to the Junior Suite was a great one as that room was truly phenomenal. Overall, we have only good things to say. Thank you again for insuring that this important vacation was so smooth and hassle free."

Edward Shnekendorf, New York, NY

"My husband and I had a fantastic time in Bali! Thank you so very much for arranging such a wonderful trip. Our only regret was that we didn't have more time to spend there. We will definitely go back there soon--maybe even next year. The Maya Ubud is a beautiful place. We were quite pleased with it. My husband thought the diving at Menjangan Island was excellent. Our guide and driver were very nice too. We were very pleased with the level of service. I loved the food at Casa Luna! In fact, all of the meals we had in Bali were very good. All in all, we had a great trip. Thanks again for all your hard work. We really enjoyed ourselves. I have recommended you to some of our other friends who travel so you may be getting some phone calls. It has been such a sincere pleasure working with you."

Farah Bullara

"Singapore Air was outstanding! Bali was perfect. Our guide was fantastic, the hotels were great, the itinerary was perfect. I loved it all. Amed was beautiful, Ubud was lush, Pemuteran had the best snorkeling I've ever seen, and I've seen alot. Munduk was a nice change, completely different from the other parts. Actually, all the areas were different. The hotel in Singapore was perfect. What I've really learned from this trip is that it definitely pays to book through you guys. The rates for hotels are significantly less and the service is great. Thanks so much for a wonderful holiday."

Elyse Tannenbaum

"Our Bali trip went very well. We enjoyed it a lot, learned a lot, and I think even the kids will remember quite a bit from it in the future. There is no question about it that a very big part of this enjoyment was our guide. Ketut Suyasa was a great person. He told us extensively about Bali, the culture, the Hindu religion and its influence on everyday life, etc. By having our own tour we were able to spend as much time as we wanted on each item and never felt rushed. Looking back I can not say that there is anything I am aware of that we missed."

Diederik Hemmes

"Everything went very smoothly and the hotels were absolutely wonderful--each of them charming and special in their own way. I especially liked the Sacred Mountain Sanctuary. Josh was in seventh heaven at the Oberoi. The guide and driver took very good care of us and were very flexible...Thanks so much. The trip was wonderful!"

oneymoon in Bali was absolutely amazing. It has been, by far, the best vacation we've ever been on. We had a wonderful guide who was very accommodating and informative. All the excursions were wonderful. And all theCharlotte Herscher

"Our h accommodations were superb, especially the Taman Sari in Pemuteran, which was the perfect place to end our trip. I sincerely hope that we will have the pleasure of having you book our future vacations."

Anna Krueger

"Gary and I would like to thank you for arranging a wonderful trip to Bali for us. We had a great time in Bali. The hotels we stayed were excellent, the [tour guides] we had were friendly and knowledgeable. It was a relaxing trip. We will surely recommend your service to our friends should they intend to have a trip to Bali. By the way, we went to Casa Luna several times. Their food was very good. Thank you for your recommendation."


"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed our Bali trip. What a marvelous country! I was extremely impressed with the professionalism.... Our guide and driver were extremely nice, accommodating, helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant....They answered each question with a great deal of enthusiasm for educating us about their country.... we had the opportunity to sample everything from daily life to durian fruit!!

The hotels were also quite nice, especially at Tamansari and Cempaka Belimbing!! We loved the outdoor showers!! I would happily recommend this tour, these hotels and especially your services to anyone I encounter who might have the opportunity to visit this fantastic country. Thank you again for all your help."

Suzanne Anthony, New York

"Words such as enjoyable and smoothly do not do justice to...our vacation. They aren't strong enough. Try 'fantastic' and 'luxurious!' Thank you for providing such a wonderful part of our vacation. I will certainly recommend your service to all and any! Thanks again! What you provided for us should be spread far and wide and I'm more than happy to do so!"

Steve Kramer, Osaka, Japan

"Bali is unquestionably heaven on earth. We are glad you insisted we stay longer at Ubud.... The accommodations you recommended were perfect and the staff at both hotels could not have been better. Our guide for the week... was a delight. We had a very, very great time and are 100% pleased with the service you provided...and will of course recommend you if we know anyone going to Bali for a vacation. Singapore Airlines unquestionably provided us with the best airline service we can remember. We really hated to leave."

Ben Bradley, Van Nuys, California

"Thank you so much for all of your help in making our vacation happen! We had so much fun and fell in love with Bali. I can't wait to go back. The hotel was beautiful. The people were so courteous. Our tour guide and driver were great! They took us everywhere.... very knowledgeable and informative.... The hospitality was so nice.... The kecak dance was another highlight that was mesmerizing. Beautiful! I could go on and on. Thanks again for your help."


"I had a very nice trip... My guide... was a delight. He was friendly, knowledgeable, open to my requests, punctual. Everything I could have asked for. The Hotel Tjampuhan was exactly what I was looking for - convenient, beautiful, efficient, reasonably priced. I really appreciate all the time you spent tailoring the itinerary to my interests.... hit the things I most wanted to see and left plenty of time to explore on my own.... Dukun...was one of the high points of the visit.... a great trip. I will certainly recommend you to anyone interested in visiting. And will contact you should I decide to return in the future."

Jack Nadler, Washington D.C.

"The trip was awesome. I enjoyed both Singapore and Bali. The Singapore Marriott was a good choice... The only thing I would have changed would be to spend five nights in Ubud and three nights in Kuta. The Ubud Sari Resort was a treat! The best massage I ever had.... Thanks again for arranging our trip. Everything was great!"


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