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 Full Moon Village Celebration
Celebrate the full moon with local villagers in their compound. This is exclusive to Bali Barong Tours and is not offered to the general public. Only certain full moons warrant a special ceremony, so the extent of the celebration is determined by the particular month in which the full moon occurs.

Puri Naga (Dragon's Castle)
It's impossible to adequately describe this extraordinary house, which is filled with treasures from all around Indonesia, including the world's largest collection of paintings by renowned Javanese painter Wahyoe Wijaya. Entering Puri Naga is like entering a wonderland. This magical house has to be seen and experienced, to be believed. We're delighted that Nadya, Puri Naga's creator, has decided to open her home to visitors, and that she has invited Bali Barong Tours to offer this unique opportunity to our clients. Read more.

 Balinese Dance Lessons
During your private lesson you will explore the movements and meanings of traditional Balinese dance. You'll have the option of wearing Balinese make-up. Dance lessons are available for adults or children.

 Art Classes
A variety of private art classes can be arranged including mask-making (see below), kite-making (a favorite), silver jewelry-making, penjor-making and batiking.

Temple & Ritual Program
Learn how to make your own temple offering, which you will take to a small village temple. There, wearing traditional Balinese clothes, you will present your offering and then discuss traditions and culture with the temple priest.

 Traditional Healing
During your private visit with a dukun (Balinese healer or medicine man) you will discuss the healing process using traditional medicines and acupressure - and in some cases, magical drawings.

Mejaya-jaya Wedding or Renewal Ceremony
Held at a temple in Tabanan this ritual is part of the chain of a Balinese wedding ceremony. The purpose of the Mejaya-jaya ritual is to release bad energy (biakala/biakawon) and bring new energy (jaya) into the couple's new life together. The couple and their rings are blessed by a Hindu priest and offerings are made. The ceremony lasts about one hour. Mejaya-jaya translates as "succeed." Though many hotels offer Balinese "weddings," this ceremony takes place at a local temple and is a true Balinese ritual, rather than a ceremony designed for tourists. This is exclusive through Bali Barong Tours. Please note that this ceremony does not legalize a marriage. Nor does a couple have to be married to participate in the ceremony. It's also available to friends.

Wearing traditional Balinese clothing you will visit the holy spring temple Tirta Empul, where you will undergo the ritual of personal purification with the assistance of a Hindu priest. In 2005 this exclusive cultural experience was listed as one Condé Nast Traveler magazine's Fabulous Fifties - their list of not-to-be-missed travel experiences throughout the world.

 Power of Art & Image
After visiting the art museum, to gain a perspective on Balinese Art, you will attend a mask making workshop. Here you will learn about the character, spirit and function of the mask. You'll also have an opportunity to create your own mask. For groups, the maskmaker will perform his mask dance.

Village Gamelan Orchestra
Visit a small mountain village where you'll see a demonstration, have a short lesson, and participate in playing the instruments of the village gamelan orchestra. In 2005 this exclusive cultural experience was listed as one Condé Nast Traveler magazine's Fabulous Fifties - their list of
not-to-be-missed travel experiences throughout the world.

Balinese Television
With enough advance notice we'll arrange for you to appear on a Balinese television show that encourages the local people to retain their musical traditions. You'll perform a kidung (a traditional song/poem), with the help of Balinese performers.

Hindu Ceremonies
We maintain a calendar of all special ceremonies in Bali. If any special ceremonies are taking place during your visit, we can arrange for your participation.

Guided trekking
We offer a variety of guided treks from easy to moderate to challenging. Some of the challenging treks require an overnight stay in a mountain hotel. Most treks can be done as day trips from Ubud or major beach areas. We offer waterfall treks, lake and jungle treks, inter-village treks, ricefield and subak treks, historical treks, pilgrims' treks and a trek to a settlement where water comes out of stone.

Special Performances
A large variety of dance and other performances are available. For groups, we can commission private performances of Trance Dances, Gamelan, Shadow Puppets and a number of other special dance and musical events.

Other Options Include
Balinese cooking lessons (vegetarian available), elephant ride in the jungle, day cruises, river rafting, dive and snorkel excursions and much more...

Read more about Puri Naga
Tucked away on a crowded street, yet hidden in the rice fields, is one of Bali's best kept secrets. Puri Naga is a fantasy come true for lovers of art, architecture and eclectic design. It's a private home that's more like an enchanted mini-museum. This is where Nadya and her clan of painters, beaders and tailors have been creating the Nadya Collection, for the past 30 years. Many of these artisans are now married to each other and their families live and create art in the Puri Naga compound.

In the past, the Nadya Collection, which features limited-edition clothing made of gorgeous fabrics and beading, has only been available in the U.S., London, Paris and Milan at invitation-only showings. Now Nadya and her team have decided to open their home to visitors. Learn about Puri Naga's fascinating history, while viewing its fine works of art from around Indonesia. Or, perhaps you'd like to spend a day studying with a master painter, in the Puri Naga compound. You can also work with Iluh to design your own one-of-a-kind jacket. Whatever aspect of Puri Naga interests you most, we promise that you'll never forget your visit there. Contact Bali Barong Tours to make an appointment to tour Puri Naga.

All exclusive experiences, and other cultural experiences, are subject to availability.

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